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Need to Hire a Court Reporter?

Hiring a court reporter can be challenging, particularly for legal professionals who are new to the process and/or Butte or Southwest Montana.  As the guardians of the verbatim record, court reporters make the judicial system work. Ann Wayrynen and Chris Lively have extensive experience reporting depositions, jury trials, arbitrations, inquests, and many other court reporting assignments. You can be assured that Wayrynen & Lively Court Reporting Service will provide professional, prompt and courteous service to you by fulfilling your needs on each and every assignment.

Court Reporting Experience Matters

There are some professions where experience truly matters, and court reporting is definitely one of them. With more than 30 years of experience in the judicial system and court reporting in Butte and throughout Montana, your job will always be handled professionally and correctly by Wayrynen & Lively.

Wayrynen & Lively Court Reporting Service has been a consistent and reliable choice for court reporting services for over three decades in Butte and throughout Montana.

It is the mission of Wayrynen & Lively Court Reporting Service to provide professional, prompt and courteous service to you, fulfilling your needs on each assignment.

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”  Ernest Hemingway

At Wayrynen & Lively, we pride ourselves on a culture of listening.  We listen to exactly what you need, whether it be an expedited transcript, a private place to meet with your client, or special accommodations in unusual situations.  All of this we provide with strict confidentiality and courtesy.  This is exactly what we have done through three decades of professional court reporting, and this is exactly what you can expect from us now.

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Our Work Flow

Verbatim and Realtime Court Reporting

With the use of highly-sophisticated stenotype machines our court reporters write word-for-word all that is spoken.

Realtime court reporting sends the verbatim record as it is being written by the court reporter to other computers in the room.

Video and Videoconferencing Depositions

Testimony of witnesses can be more accurately understood in context when the demeanor of the witness can be reviewed via videotape.

The ability of lawyers, witnesses, and parties who are in different cities to hear and see each other on computer or television screens via videoconference is a tremendous time-saving and economical way to accomplish what can otherwise take days.

Electronic Transcripts/Exhibits

No need to destroy forests anymore with transcripts and exhibits that can be sent within seconds electronically.

Frequently Asked Questions


Exactly how does a court reporter do her job?
Court reporters use sophisticated shorthand machines to phonetically write the verbatim context of whatever proceeding they are reporting at speeds that can approach 225 words per minute.  The “notes” written by the reporter are fed into a computer-aided transcription program that reads these notes and translates them into English.  The reporter then carefully reviews the transcript to ensure its accuracy before sending it to the client.
Why don’t they just tape record the proceedings?
As guardians of the verbatim record, live court reporters are responsible for writing all words spoken on the record during a proceeding.  If more than one person speaks at a time, tape recordings cannot decipher the words accurately.  The court reporter is there to remind participants to speak audibly, clearly, and one at a time.  No electronic recording system has yet been developed that can replace a live court reporter and perform these essential tasks.  Furthermore, as judges and lawyers have grown accustomed to realtime court reporting (instantly reading transcripts on their own computers), the court reporter’s livelihood has remained secure.
What is your turnaround time?

We strive to have deposition transcripts out in seven business days from the date of the deposition. If a transcript is needed sooner than this date, just notify us at the time of scheduling or discuss it with the reporter at the completion of the deposition.

Wayrynen & Lively Court Reporting has had a continuous contract with the Montana Second Judicial District Court in Silver Bow County for more than a decade. Their services are always professional, courteous, and timely.

Tom Powers, Clerk of Second Judicial District Court, Butte, Montana

Wayrynen & Lively has been my go-to court reporting service for many years. If you are looking for professional and prompt service, it should be yours, as well.

Robert M. Carlson, Past President, American Bar Association, Butte, Montana

Not only is Wayrynen & Lively Court Reporting Service efficient and accurate, their prompt preparation of transcripts exceeded my expectations. Chris Lively is always willing to accommodate your needs, even if it means she has to travel. I highly recommend Wayrynen & Lively for your court reporting needs. Cynthia L. Walker, Poore, Roth & Robinson, P.C., Butte, Montana

Wayrynen & Lively Court Reporting has been serving Butte, Montana and surrounding areas with reliable, professional court reporting services for over 30 years.

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